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Entrance Automation

Welcome to a new era of entrance automation, where convenience meets security. At Hexa World Solutions, we redefine the way you experience entry points with our state-of-the-art Entrance Automation solutions. Our entrance automation systems offer intelligent access control, seamlessly integrating with a variety of technologies such as RFID cards, biometrics, and mobile credentials to enhance security and streamline user experience. Experience the effortless flow of traffic with our automated gates and barriers. Our solutions are designed for quick and precise operation, ensuring a smooth entry and exit process. Elevate your visitor experience with our advanced visitor management features. Efficiently register and monitor guests, enhancing security while providing a welcoming environment.

Automatic Sliding Gates:

In the era of smart and seamless access, Sensor-Based Sliding Doors emerge as a testament to the fusion of technology and convenience. These automated doors leverage advanced sensor technology to enhance accessibility, providing a hands-free and efficient solution for various environments.

  • Contactless Operation: Sensor-Based Sliding Doors eliminate the need for physical contact, offering a hygienic and touchless entry experience. This is particularly crucial in environments where hygiene is a top priority.


automatic sliding gate and motor
automatic sliding gate and motor

Automatic Swing Gates:

In the evolution of gate automation, Sensor-Based Swing Gate Motors represent a leap forward in combining technology, efficiency, and security. Fitted with advanced sensor systems, these motors bring a new level of precision and user-friendly operation to swinging gate setups. 

  • Motion Sensors: Sensor-Based Swing Gate Motors employ motion sensors to detect the movement or presence of individuals, triggering automatic gate activation for hands-free entry.

  • Obstacle Detection:* Equipped with obstacle detection sensors, these gate motors swiftly identify any obstruction in the gate’s path, ensuring safe and secure operation.

Swing Barriers:

In the realm of access control, swing barriers have emerged as sophisticated solutions that seamlessly integrate form and function. These barriers not only serve as efficient access control points but also contribute to the aesthetics of modern spaces. Let’s explore the features that make swing barriers an essential component in advanced. security and entrance management systems.

1. Contemporary and Sleek Design:

2. Controlled Pedestrian Flow:

3. Bi-Directional Operation:

4. Integration with Access Control Systems:

5. Fast and Responsive Passage:

6. Anti-Tailgating Technology:

7. Durable Construction for Reliability:

automatic sliding glass door system
automatic sliding glass door system

Automatic Glass Doors:

The glass doors are automated for easy access. Approach the doors, and they will open automatically. Step back to allow them to close. The doors are equipped with motion sensors. Move towards the doors for automatic opening. Ensure the sensor area is clear for optimal functionality. Be mindful of the door’s motion, especially if you have children or pets. Keep a safe distance during operation.

Automatic Operation:

Motion Sensors:

Safety First:

Emergency Procedures:

Complete Closing:

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