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Boom Barriers

Streamlining Security: Our Boom Barrier Redefine Access Control

As a pioneer in security solutions, Hexa World Solutions takes pride in offering state-of-the-art Boom Barrier Services that stand at the forefront of access control. Designed to regulate vehicular movement with precision and efficiency, our boom barrier systems provide a robust solution for securing entry and exit points. Let’s explore the features and benefits that make our Boom Barrier Services an indispensable asset for safeguarding your premises. Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, our boom barriers operate seamlessly even in challenging environments, providing uninterrupted security. Our boom barriers are engineered with durable materials, ensuring a robust physical barrier that effectively controls vehicular access.

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Our Boom Barrier Services offer customizable access settings, allowing you to define access permissions based on specific criteria such as time, vehicle type, or user credentials. Seamlessly integrate boom barriers with other security systems, such as RFID card readers or biometric access control, to create a comprehensive security ecosystem. The automated operation of our boom barriers ensures swift and efficient entry and exit management, reducing congestion and enhancing overall traffic flow. Monitor and control the boom barrier system in real-time, providing administrators with instant visibility and the ability to respond promptly to any security events. Our user-friendly control panels empower administrators to manage and configure boom barrier settings with ease. Streamlined controls and a clear interface contribute to efficient operation.

Navigating Access Control: Exploring Different Types of Boom Barrier Services


In the realm of advanced access control solutions, RFID Boom Barriers stand out as a beacon of efficiency and security. Combining the reliability of boom barriers with the seamless authentication of RFID technology, this integrated solution redefines how vehicular access is managed.

  • Contactless Authentication: Integrated with RFID card readers, these barriers allow for contactless access control by validating RFID cards or key fobs.

  • Customized Access Permissions: Administrators can configure access permissions based on RFID credentials, enhancing security and customization.

  • Effortless Entry and Exit: RFID Boom Barriers eliminate the need for physical interaction, allowing vehicles equipped with RFID tags or cards to pass through seamlessly.
automatic boom barrier suppliers in hyderabad


Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Boom Barriers represent a sophisticated fusion of cutting-edge technology and access control. By seamlessly integrating ANPR capabilities with traditional boom barriers, this solution transforms how vehicular access is managed.

  • Effortless Identification: ANPR technology automatically captures and recognizes vehicle license plate numbers upon approach, ensuring precise and efficient identification.

  • High-Speed Recognition: ANPR Boom Barriers excel in high-speed environments, providing rapid and accurate recognition for swift entry and exit management.

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