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We, at Hexa World solutions address the key technology gaps in the current Parking Management Solutions & Entrance Automations. Proficient in providing valuable Turnkey RFID Solutions, we cater to diverse clients from all verticals. And wireless technologies to offer bespoke security, and information solutions on mobile, web and cloud platforms. We work for our customers as their partner. Our team is passionate about providing customers with best solutions and support at all times. We differentiate ourselves through our innovative approach, best practices and relentless commitment to deliverables. We are pleased to be a partner of choice for various organizations. We establish long term relationships with our customers, and strive to add value through our solutions and services delivery each day. Our team of professionals has the passion not only to deliver good technology solutions, but to serve customers with a strong commitment to deliverables.

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We are dedicated to safeguarding your digital world with state-of-the-art Hexa Solution. With a strong commitment to protecting your data, privacy, and assets, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.


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Home automation has emerged as a revolutionary concept, transforming the way we interact with our living spaces.

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Access control systems are vital components of security infrastructure for both residential and commercial environments.

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Industrial Gate automation is the integration of technology and mechanical systems to automate the opening and closing of gates.

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Entrance automation are automated physical barriers equipped with a horizontal arm that can be raised or lowered to control vehicular access.

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Metal detectors are electronic devices designed to detect the presence of metal objects, utilizing electromagnetic fields.

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